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Google My Business Contact Number Not Showing

If your Google My Business contact number is not showing, it can be a frustrating experience as it hinders potential customers from easily reaching out to your business. There could be several reasons why your contact number is not displaying correctly on Google My Business, and addressing this issue promptly is crucial for maintaining effective communication with your customers. Here are some common reasons and solutions:

  1. Verification Status:
    • Ensure that your Google My Business listing has been verified. Until your business is verified, certain information, including contact details, may not be visible to the public.
  2. Google My Business Dashboard:
    • Log in to your Google My Business account and navigate to the dashboard.
    • Double-check the contact information you have provided to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date.
    • If necessary, edit the information and save the changes.
  3. Hidden Address:
    • If your business is categorized as a service-area business and you have chosen not to display your address, your contact number may not show up on Google Maps.
    • Consider updating your settings to display your service area or address if applicable.
  4. Google Review Process:
    • Google sometimes reviews and moderates the information provided by businesses, including contact details.
    • If you recently edited your contact number, it might be in the review process. Check your email associated with the Google My Business account for any notifications or requests for additional information.
  5. Google My Business App:
    • If you’re using the Google My Business app, ensure that the contact number is entered correctly in the app.
    • Sometimes, changes made on the website may not reflect immediately in the app, and vice versa.
  6. Phone Number Format:
    • Ensure that you have entered the phone number in the correct format, including the country code.
    • Use only numeric characters and avoid special characters or spaces.
  7. Google Support:
    • If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Google My Business support for assistance.
    • Visit the Google My Business Help Center or use the support options available in your account.
  8. Local Guidelines:
    • Ensure that your contact number adheres to Google’s local business guidelines. Sometimes, using toll-free or non-local numbers may affect visibility.

By addressing these potential issues, you should be able to resolve the problem of your Google My Business contact number not showing. Regularly review and update your business information to keep it accurate and accessible to customers.

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