Which SEO Is Best For Long Run?

Do you Want to know “Which SEO Is Best for Long Run?”. If yes, then you here you will get all answers to your Question “Which SEO Is Best for Long Run?” For an effective SEO results, you should always follow organic SEO techniques. Doing SEO as per Google Guidelines will help you to grown online. Your website ranks better and fulfills visitor needs. When you are doing SEO for your website, your only aim should be making website user friendly. Make contents easy to read and understand. Using simple and short sentences is another way of effective SEO.

Make Your Content Easily Readable

While Writing Content For your Website, given importance to readability of your content. If you use “Yoast SEO” a free plug in, will show readability score of content. The plug in will guide you if any necessary changes required in your Content. For example, i have taken a screenshot while writing this article which shows readability status of my article.

In the above image i am using Yoast Seo plug in. The Green light shows best readability. The orange light represents mediocre score, and red light shows worst status and score.

Write Quality Content

When doing SEO for your website, always write Quality Content. your Content should full fill the needs of your visitors. Moreover, it should be very informative and in details. The length of your Content should be good in details. Using proper infographics and image or videos makes your content move valuable.

Compress Images and Vides of your Website

If you are using images or Videos in your website, make sure you compress it. There are lots of online platform to compress your images and videos. When you compress your things, it consumes less space on your hosting Services. Moreover, compressing your images and videos reduces the load time of your website and pages. This way you can retain your visitors for long time. As Nobody wants to wait for a loading website, improve the loading speed of your website. Alternately you can also use different plugins to improve the loading speed of your website.

References for Topics or specific keyword Through external linking

If you think a particular topic is explained in a better way to other, website you need to give references. This can be done to link your website externally with that website. The way you can help users to get best details about searched term.

Internal Back links in your content

Incase if you have some more related contents related to searched term, provide internal backlinks. This way you can redirect visitors to a similar content. This makes users to retain on your website. In the way you also make your content an accomplished content.

Similar Niche And High Quality Backlinks Creation

Backlinks creation is important part of off page SEO. You should always create backlinks with similar niches websites. For example, if your website is related to health, then you should not create backlinks with games or other industry websites. Do Follow backlinks is another factor you must be consistent and focused. Try to make more and more Do Follow Backlinks with High DA and PA websites. When you do this, Google promotes your website by showing your content on top Search Results. So, I believe it’s clean now Which SEO Is Best for Long Run?

Which SEO Techniques Should Be Avoided?

Duplicate Content: You Should never write duplicate content on your website. This means don’t write same article multiple times. This also includes copying any article form other website. This practice is strictly prohibited. Please do not do this in your SEO Career.

Backlinks Purchase: When you buy backlinks, you never know the process of creating backlinks. In some cases, backlinks are created using software which is not good. Always focus on creating backlinks manually and organically. While creating backlinks you need to see DA, PA, and niche websites. So, buy it from someone is not a wise decision.

Use of Excessive Plugins: Use of more plugins makes your website slow. So try reducing uses of Plugins.

Keyword Based Long Domain Name Purchase: If you are purchasing too long Domain for ranking on a keyword, it’s your mistake. Google never ranks too long domain name on Google top pages. In some cases, you may face indexing issues with such keywords.

Misuse of Subdomain Based Websites: If you have created several websites form subdomain only to rank, it’s dangerous. Many new SEO professionals create multiple subdomains as per keywords and try to rank. In This case Google start removing or hiding your content from your main domain which is similar to subdomain. So, one side you are trying to rank but at the same time losing valuable content’s appearance on Google.

Write Blogs only related to your website or niche: This is completely different experience that I had recently. Write blogs only related to your industry.

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