What Is Long Tail Keyword In SEO?

Are you Wondering What Is Long Tail Keyword In SEO? If yes, then you are at right place to get complete Details. Here you will also know How to find long tail keywords free and How to use long tail keywords in content. A Long Tail Keyword is a group of keywords or phrases which is more specific. A Long Tail Keyword is generally Long and has a less search volume on Google. As Because it is more specific has more conversion rate. For example “manufacturer” or “garments manufacture” is a keyword. On the other hand “garments manufacturer In India” is a long tail keyword. “job consultancy in kolkata without registration fees” is another example of long tail keyword.

Long Tail Keyword

You can see in the image above is an example of Long tail Keyword . The main keyword is SEO in the image. When I type how to with SEO keyword, it got list of long tail keywords. Using Long Tail Keywords is an important part in SEO.

Long Tail Keywords Benefits

There is a great benefit of using a long Tail keyword. There is less competition on use of long tail keyword. The whole World is running behind keywords with high search volume. But the wise ones use Long tail keywords. you can only use short keyword or single word keyword when your domain authority is high. When the SEO score of your website is good, you can use short keywords and can rank easily. But for others or new bloggers it’s advisable to use long tail keywords.

The use of long tail keywords keeps you away from your competitor. Moreover it is easy to rank your article with long tails keywords as Heading and part of content. My only question is that “what is the use of using high volume keywords?” if you can’t rank.

There is no point in using short keywords with low domain authority. Once you have good backlinks and SEO score, you can use short ones.

How To Find Long Tail keywords Free

There are several methods To Find Long Tail keywords Free. The Best methods are discussed below one by one:

1 With the use of keyword plugin know as “kw research tool“.

Kw Research Tool for long tail keywords

If you are writing blogs on WordPress website, you can download the free plug in called “Kw Research Tool” as show in image above. This tool let you find lots of long tail keywords. Just enter your main keyword on top search bar and select your country. Now when you run the search , you get list of long tail keywords as shown in image above. The plug in is completely free and simple to use.

2 Google Auto Suggest Results

When you enter your main keywords with how, what and when , Google gives you a list of longtail keywords. You can use these keywords in your blogs and content. As because these keywords are auto suggested by Google, will give you best results. An example is given below in image form.

You can see in the image above, when i use how with Backlinks as main keyword, it got list of long tail keywords. This way you too can find relevant long tail keywords for your articles. This way you can easily win the market without much competition.

How To Use Long Tail Keywords In Content?

You will be surprised to know that there is no such rules for using a long tail keyword in Content. They only thing to be kept in mind is , sentences should be meaning full. Make Sure when you Long tail keywords, you write correct sentences. Content should be meaning full and Grammatically Correct. You can also use few synonyms for your Longtail tail keywords.

How Do Long Tail keywords work?

Lon Tail Keywords saves you from huge competition. It’s uses enables your articles to rank High on Google Easily. The Main point is it Provides only relevant traffic to your website. When you use long tail keywords, you get specific kind of traffic on your website. For exampleDigital Marketing for Restaurants” And “Digital Marketing for Real Estate” are two different long tail keywords. The use of different keywords draws different kind of traffic to your website.

The use of “Digital Marketing For Restaurant” provides you traffic of Restaurant owners looking for digital marketing services. On the other hand the use of other brings you traffic of Real Estates owners. The image below better illustrate the difference of using different long tail keywords.

Long Tail keywords use for a specific traffic

The use of long tail keywords also prevent you from getting unwanted traffic to your site. When you use long tail keywords, you experience a successful SEO journey.

Long Tail Keywords FAQ

You can use long tail keywords as heading of your article. also use it in such a way that it makes meaningful sentences in your content.

What Is Long Tail Keyword In SEO? and what is long tail keyword in seo? are examples of long tail keywords for main keyword "SEO"

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