Best SEO Company In Kolkata

Best SEO Company In Kolkata | SEO Charges In India

Tech Hitech is one of the Best SEO Company In Kolkata. When it comes to effective SEO, Tech Hitech comes on top. We work equally for on page and off page SEO. We offer flexible monthly and yearly plans. Websites optimized with us ranks fast and high on Google’s top page.

Cheap SEO Packages In India | SEO Monthly Price In India

Tech Hitech offers Cheap SEO Packages In India. We design our SEO packages in such a way to enable every business for SEO. Our plans are as follows:

1 Rs 5000 per month generally includes Link building

2 Rs 10000 per month includes both on page and off page SEO including link building.

3 Rs 8000 per month only for yearly plan

4 Rs 25000 per month, extent of link building and effort is much more in this plan.

SEO Freelancer In Kolkata| Cheap SEO Services India

Mr Mansoor Alam ,owner of Tech Hitech is SEO Freelancer In Kolkata. Business contact him due to his quality work and low price services. His Delivery of work is on time and preferred by Companies.

If you are Looking for cheap SEO Services in India, Contact Tech Hitech. Tech Hitech has numbers of cheap and best SEO plans for businesses. Every element and aspect of Website is worked upon to get better SEO results.

Company Overview:

Tech Hitech is an online marketing and website design agency. Tech Hitech has more than 500 companies on Google Top Page. The agency has increased the sales volumes of various companies. In short period of time Businesses see the SEO impact on their Business website. Tech Hitech Caters Pan India and even other parts of world. Tech Hitech helps in improving sales volume.

our services:

Our Services:

Google My Business Listing

SEO- Search Engine Optimization

Paid promotions

PPC Services

Content writing for websites.

Website Design and Development

Ecommerce Development

social Media Marketing.

Who should Contact us for our services:

One Who is looking for an online Business growth.

One looking for Ecommerce Development.

If looking for social media marketing

one who wants to rank on Google Top pages.

One who is looking for Our SEO free trail

Business looking for Backlinks and On page SEO Services can contact Us.

Companies looking for Modern website Design with necessary features.

Businesses who want to beat their competitor

Companies Looking for Leads and organic Traffic.

someone looking for great blog or content can contact us.

Companies looking for Paid and online promotions.

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